Frequently asked questions

There are a number of Help to Buy options available. Please visit and for more information, to check your eligibility and to apply.
Help to Buy agents are appointed by Homes England to guide customers looking for help to buy a home . All you need to do is complete one application form and you will then receive details of homes available in your area. You can visit to find out who the Help to Buy agent is in the area where you would like to live.
Yes, if you wish to purchase a home with Moat, you will require a deposit for your mortgage. This will typically be 5% or 10% of the total share value and is in addition to the savings required for other home buying costs such as legal fees and mortgage arrangement fees. Please note: 100% mortgages are not acceptable.
No and Moat staff are not qualified to offer mortgage advice. You will need to obtain a mortgage from a high street lender. You can find out more details about mortgages via our panel of mortgage advisors.
No. There are a number of high street banks and building societies that provide shared ownership mortgages but not all of them do. We recommend that you use our panel of mortgage advisors to assist you in arranging your mortgage as there are certain conditions that apply. Please note: 7% is the maximum mortgage interest rate currently accepted by Moat.
You will be expected to provide documentation to Moat, your mortgage advisor / lender and your appointed solicitor. This may include: wage slips, bank statements, proof of address, contract of employment and certified identification.
Further information about buying off-plan can be found here.
Like any home owner, you are fully responsible for the day to day maintenance of your home. If you buy a house, it is your responsibility to keep both the interior and the exterior of your home in good repair. If you buy an apartment, the freeholder of the block is responsible for maintenance of the common parts and the exterior of the building. You will be responsible for undertaking any maintenance or repairs to the inside of your apartment.
Resales are homes that the current owner bought through shared ownership and now wishes to sell on. It’s still the same shared ownership government-backed product but you normally purchase at least the share that the seller currently owns. Further information about resales can be found here.
There are restrictions that prohibit you from keeping pets that need outdoor space (such as dogs and cats). Smaller pets in cages are usually not a concern, however, you should check your lease to be certain about any restrictions. It is important that pets do not cause a nuisance to your neighbours. If complaints are received about a pet, we can ask that the pet be removed from the property. If you have a pet, you must check with us that your pet will be allowed before proceeding.
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