Discounted rent frequently asked questions

There are a number of Help to Buy options available. Please visit and for more information, to check your eligibility and to apply.
Help to Buy agents are appointed by Homes England to guide customers looking for help to buy a home . All you need to do is complete one application form and you will then receive details of homes available in your area. You can visit to find out who the Help to Buy agent is in the area where you would like to live.
Yes, if you would like to rent a home with Moat in Kent, Sussex or Essex you will need to complete a Help to Buy application form.
Yes, you will need to pay £150. £75 of this will be deducted from your firsts month's rent. £75 (inc VAT) is kept by Moat for administrative purposes. This fee in non-refundable if you are unable to proceed with the tenancy.
Yes. In order to reserve a home to rent a months rent or £500 (whichever is greater) deposit will be held by the Deposit Protection Service. This is a government contracted company and your deposit will be returned following a satisfactory inspection at the end of your tenancy.
There are restrictions that prohibit you from keeping pets that need outdoor space (such as dogs and cats). Smaller pets in cages are usually not a concern, however, you should check your lease to be certain about any restrictions. It is important that pets do not cause a nuisance to your neighbours. If complaints are received about a pet, we can ask that the pet be removed from the property. If you have a pet, you must check with us that your pet will be allowed before proceeding.
In some circumstances, you will be able to buy a share (25% - 75%) in the home that you rent from us on through shared ownership. You will need to contact Moat if you would like to purchase your home. Please note that reserves the right to refuse any requests to purchase if you have been in rent arrears or breached your tenancy agreement with us.
You can end your tenancy at any stage but you will need to give Moat one month's notice.
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