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A collection of apartments and houses for sale in Herne Bay

Nestled in between Whitstable and Margate is the picturesque seaside town of Herne Bay. Lauded for its spectacular sunsets, wealth of seafood restaurants, sailing clubs and shore-side cafes, this sunspot is a highly desirable location for families and first-time buyers.

Each of these properties for sale in Herne Bay is available to buy through shared ownership, giving first-time buyers an opportunity to secure a seaside home and enjoy the benefits of this relaxed resort - from coastal walks to country parks, bandstands to beach huts and penny arcades.


Shared ownership Whitstable


Just 2 miles from our stunning collection of shared ownership homes in Herne Bay is the coastal resort of Whitstable, renowned for its fresh local seafood, stunning sea views, and quirky independent shops and galleries. Dubbed the Pearl of Kent, the town holds an annual celebration of music and molluscs in its world-famous summer Oyster festival.

Throughout the year, Whitstable is brimming with beach activities, boutique shops and welcoming pubs. Whether grabbing a spot of lunch on Whitstable Harbour, roaming ancient woodlands or rockpool adventuring, Whitstable living offers something for everyone.

Properties available for Shared ownership in Herne Bay provide an affordable way for first-time buyers to get on the property ladder in such sought after seaside areas.

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Shared ownership explained

Shared ownership can be thought of as part buy part rent, you own a share of your new home and Moat own the other share. When you pay your mortgage some of this goes toward paying off the property share that you own and the remainder of this will go toward subsidised rent to Moat - this is known as the Moat Shared Ownership scheme. For example, if you own 25% of your new home, your monthly payment will go toward paying this off, you will also pay toward the remaining 75% owned by Moat Homes. You have the option (called staircasing) at any time to pay more toward the overall share until you own the property outright.

What are the benefits of shared ownership?

Houses are very expensive and this scheme allows you to get the property that you want in an affordable way. You own the portion of the property which is affordable to you and through the process of "staircasing" eventually you will own 100% of the property outright. The main benefit (apart from owning your own home) is that you require a smaller deposit to get onto / move up the property ladder.


Is shared ownership for me?

If you are unable to afford the full depost or monthly repayments then yes this scheme is for you. There are a few stipulations though, namely, you cannot currently own a property, you need to have a household income of more than £80k per annum. You should also be prepared for the costs involved with buying a home and for this we recommend you have around £4000. This is currently the best route that enable people to enter onto the property ladder.

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