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Moat recognises a responsibility to provide a universally accessible and user-friendly website. Toward this end, this website has been designed and assembled using modern techniques, following best practices and web accessibility guidelines.

Below are a few ways in which this website has been designed to make it easy to use:

  • Multiple browsers and readers supported
  • Text is resizeable
  • Text contrast optimised for readability
  • "In this section" links on content pages so that the site may be navigated with the keyboard only (using the Tab key)
  • Content and visual styles are separated (semantic markup)
  • A site-map is provided and a link is provided on each page
  • Titles and alternate text are provided for non-decorative images and links.

Moat is committed to making its websites accessible for everyone. For added personalisation to suit your own needs, did you know that you make changes to your computer, tablet or device? Further information can be sourced online or from your computer manual.

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